Pratapwant has been behaving a little strange.

There is learning in suffering.

Please ask them not to shout.

We decided to stay with him.

I have heard of this song some time ago.

Everyone listened and was very happy, thinking this wedding was both original and meaningful.

It's abating.

This guard is very strong.

Intended for children, this is a book often read by adults.

This building is very large.

My grandfather is still active at eighty.

It's too difficult to explain.

I'm not the only one interested in finding out what Stephe did with the stolen diamonds.


It is our duty to help them.

Miki fell passionately in love with someone she just met.

Has Johann made any progress?

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With a little more patience, you could have solved the puzzle.

At that time, NATO bombed the bases of the Bosnian Serbs.

That hat looks kind of stupid.

This huge dam is an incredible fit of construction.

As a nationalist feeling, real Japanese think that the heart of their language is the phonemic Kana, not the logographic Kanji.

She told me that she had bought a CD.

I've had enough of your snide remarks.

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That day was made a holiday by an act of the diet.

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I don't think I've done anything wrong.

By the way, I wonder how much of a hand Hiragawa MP plays in this matter?

I study here when there is no noise.

The prisoner was found guilty.

The American Republic will endure until the day Congress discovers that it can bribe the public with the public's money.

He is not young any more than I am.

Have you seen them recently?

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I caught a glimpse of him from the bus.

Am I going to be normal again?

Why don't you try putting a little cinnamon in your coffee?

It began to be light, and things were becoming visible by degrees.

I'll help you look for them.

Don't put all your eggs in one basket.

He was well built, if not fat as such.

The gangsters of the city were organized in gangs.

Eating pleases me.


It's one of those moments.

It seemed to be a good idea.

You're conceited.

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Shatter stopped the video.

This is my new guitar.

The only person who is tired of waiting for Miss Cobb.

On November seventh, they reached the Pacific Ocean.

Adams spent most of the war years in Europe.

We remained silent.

He's just showing off in front of the girls.


Plenty of opportunities will present themselves, if only you are awake to them.

Who else helped you?

I can't thank you enough for your kindness.

Do you offer any day trips?

I can't speak German.

Is Patty over there with you?

Klaudia used to work as a waiter.

A doctor is an expert in medicine.

That really made a difference.


It took exactly an hour.

Past seven.

Ralf is looking for someone to blame.


She was furious with her sister.

She ran away with the eggs.

Let's play some tennis.

I knew something wasn't right about that guy.

Pick one of the items on this list.

I've always known that someday Stephan would leave us.

Today, we're going dancing.


I've got to go to Boston.


I never said that to Herb.


He hurried so as to be in time for the train.

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I can't stand Benjamin.

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I don't know yet, but I mean to find out.

I've read any and every book in this library.

What's it going to take to convince you?


Lonhyn works for the Australian embassy.

I waited half an hour for my friend, but he didn't turn up.

Have you caught the first toy train?


The tree stopped growing.


I'm so happy you called.

We're getting married in three months.

It's time you got married.


These are my pants.

They drink coffee at home.

Are you Merton's friend?


I would like to start.

He fell asleep on my shoulder.

Someday you'll meet someone else.

It's not my style.

Rayan hopes that Harmon won't find out the truth.

They grew angry.

Of one hundred warriors, ten came back uninjured; the rest died.

Roger is the man of the house.

She got home at seven.

The house was ablaze when the fire engine arrived.

I need to borrow your car for a few hours.

The contract, if you were forced to sign it, is invalid.

Ernest finally talked Linder into buying a new computer.


Daddy, buy me a vuvuzela!


I'm riding with them.

Please quit bothering me.

He came bearing a large bunch of flowers.


Are you sure you're all right?


Last month they had a lot of rain in France.

We would like to buy a sofa.

After he finished supper, he began to read the novel.

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It would be inappropriate to discuss that now.

My father practices medicine.

They burned the captured supplies.

It is about ten minutes' walk to the station.

Harnessing the power of the tides could be very helpful to coastal communities.


She'll come at quarter past three.


I am working hard trying to learn English.

Ritchey withdrew three hundred thousand dollars from the bank to pay the ransom.

She lives right down the street.

I can't allow you to do that.

He kissed her passionately on the lips.

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Suddenly, it became noisy.

I added his name to the list.

That's what I do.

I'm going to go make dinner.

We should find out soon enough.

This is a newspaper.

The Battle for Quebec was the turning point in the war.

This music is terrible.

Dan wants to start his own radio station.

He was plainly not envious of the openly wealthy.

I don't know what you expect me to say.

Do you really think I want to go back there?

I don't like my job.

Annie will do his best.

He had no difficulty in explaining the mystery.

She tends to get carried away when arguing about that matter.

I tried to tell her.

A seller's market is a market in which goods are relatively scarce, buyers have a limited range of choice, and prices are high.

If you need something, just call.


None of us plan to go swimming today.

Dilma Rousseff is the current President of Brazil.

Her house is enclosed with a white fence.


I can't hear a thing.

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Do you think it was Ricardo who did that?


I'll see you after practice.


You asked me to talk to Nou, remember?

No one is listening to you.

I await your decision.

Mark is extremely talkative.

All with one impulse worshiped the god.

Yesterday I put the gifts in the attic, and today I put them under the bed.

Kevyn won't even listen to us.

He looks down on women.

When did you want to go?

This is the big tough world.

The rugby ball is shaped something like an egg.

The rainforests are disappearing at the rate of tens of thousands of hectares a day.

Calvin will have no problem getting the report finished on time.

I wholeheartedly endorse this decision.

The correspondent filed a report from Moscow.

The roaring lion terrified the boy.

I wanted to scream.

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Gregory opposed that idea.

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We just have a few minutes.

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Kikki is a new student.